Writing Tips

How to I Draft?

1. Complete your pre-writing activity to organize your thoughts.
2. Use your pre-writing to complete
a. Main idea
b. Major Supporting Idea
c. Detail
d. Conclusion
3. Use complete sentences as you write your paragraphs.
4. Remember! It doesn’t have to be perfect; you can correct and change your writing in the edit and revise phase of the writing process.

How Do I Revise?
1. Re-read your essay out loud to yourself or a partner.
2. Rearrange sentences and/or words.
3. Take out and/or add information to your paragraphs.
4. Replace overused or unclear words.
5. Make sure all information in each paragraph is related and relevant.
6. Read your paper again after you have made these changes to make sure it flows well.

How Do I Edit?
1. Check all sentences for run-ons and/or fragments.
2. Change words that are not use correctly.
3. Make sure all sentences are correctly punctuated.
4. Check your spacing and paragraphing to make sure it is how you want it.
5. Use the spelling and grammar check tool to make sure that spelling and grammar are correct.

How do I Publish?
1. Click on Published!
1. Click on Submit
a. Mail it
b. Print it