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iGoWrite is designed to accelerate student achievement through improved writing and note-taking across the curriculum. Get your demo account today!

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• Digital Essay Writing, Draft, Revise Edit/Publish
• Scaffolding with Custom Templates
• Individualized and Differentiated
• Auto Scoring (AI)
• Custom Rubrics
• Assignment Bank & Template Bank
• Student Peer Review and Feedback
• Response to Literature, upload reference material
• Built in LMS
• Cornell Notes System, convert to essay.
• Share via Cloud, Google Drive, print, download.
• GSuite & Office 365 Authentication

Mobile App

• Native iOS for iPad App
• Cornell-Note taking System
• Scaffolding Custom Essay Templates
• Digital Essay Writing: Draft, Revise, Edit/Publish
• Share Via Cloud Storage App, Email, Print

Why iGoWrite

Utilizing the iGoWrite writing process will help transform instruction across the curriculum through proven, coherent strategies. iGoWrite enables all students to develop the writing and critical thinking skills they need to engage productively in society.

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