Cornell Notes App FAQs

How do I get started with Cornell Notes?

 • Set up an admin account. Through the admin account you will have the ability to add and delete profiles and associated papers.

Enter a name in the Admin window. You will be taken to “My Account” page to set up a username and password.

You may edit the name at any time by tapping on “My Info” and entering the new information.

• Set up student accounts, or other for the positions, 1 through 6 and start writing.

On the home screen, tap on any of the positions, 1-6 window, enter the name, or other label, and press enter on the keyboard. The name-label will save.

You may edit names in the “My Account” screen by tapping on “My Info.”

Tap on any of the names or label to start writing Cornell Notes or Essays

Admin may delete an account by swiping across the window, right to left, with the name, tapping the confirm button, and entering the admin password.

• Save Button, tap on the Save button at the top right of your screen if you wish to save a copy of your essay to the My Papers screen. This will provide you with the current version of your essay. You may return to the saved version at any time. This is a good practice as you will have a saved versions of your essays should you wish to return to an earlier version. Also your teacher or writing coach may wish to review different phases of your work, utilizing the Save function will provide copies of your work as you move through the writing process. Remember, you will not be able to “go backwards”, only forward,when writing essays so Save copies of your essay via the Save button and Save As button along the way.

How do I start writing?

• Tap on a student name, label, to go to the “My Account” page.

• Select “New Paper” at the top right corner of the navigation bar.

• In the “New Paper” screen:

Enter the title of your essay, composition or notes. You may choose Custom Essay or CNotes.

You may choose Custom, which provides you with a basic set up and provides two text boxes, one to be used for entering your main idea, the other for entering the conclusion. You may add as many paragraphs, Major Supporting Ideas, or Details as you wish. To add and additional paragraph, tap the Add Paragraph button.

To add additional Major Supporting Ideas, tap on the Major Supporting Idea button, hold and drag down until you see the green line appear where you want to insert the Major Supporting Idea and release. The Major Supporting Idea text box will be positioned where you released it. To add additional Details, follow same procedure as for adding Major Supporting ideas, tap on Detail button, drag and drop when you see the green line where you wish to insert another detail.

How do I start the writing process with GoWrite!?

• As you move through the writing process, you will notice that the pencil graphic in the top right corner will fill depending on what part of the writing process you are working on

• Before you begin drafting your essay, make sure you have completed your pre-write. For help, visit our website and check out pre-writing help

Drafting Stage

In the Draft stage, you will see paragraph(s) with main idea, major support idea, and detail text boxes. Tap the main idea box in the first paragraph to begin writing. The box will expand to accommodate the amount of text you write

Helpful tips are provided on the screen to assist you through the writing process

• “FAQ” button in the upper left hand corner: This feature will give you links to our website where you will find help

• “Writing Tips” button in the upper left hand corner: This button will open a new window and give you helpful tips for the stage of writing you are working in

• “Transitions” button at the top of each section” press this button to view suggested transition words. You may use the copy and paste function to copy transition words into your writing

Tap on the “Share” button: You may print, text or email your essay at any stage in the writing process

Tap “Next” to enter the Revise stage of the writing process. Please note that once you tap Next, you will not be able to return to the Draft stage, save and make a copy should you wish to return to your saved Draft stage

Save copies before you move to the next stage in the writing process as you may wish to return to a particular version of your writing. Each saved version will have a unique date and time stamp so you will know the most current version of your writing. You also may make a copy of your writing and add a new title as a way of identifying particular essays. Example, The Planets 1.1, The Planets 1.2, The Planets 1.3 etc.

Revise Stage

The Revise stage is where you will rework your essay. You will be able to add details, rework ideas, rearrange, replace, and change words and phrases in this stage

The “Writing Tips” features is also available in this stage and is focused on the revision process

To revise a paragraph, simply tap on the paragraph and it will open into sections. You are able to add details, rearrange, etc.

Global Edit, at the top right of the Revision screen you will see an Edit button. If your essay has several Major Supporting Ideas and/or Details in a particular paragraph, you may rearrange their order by tapping this button. You will see a set of three light gray lines to the right of text boxes. You may move them around by using the touch, drag and drop method. Touch on one of the three light gray bars and move the text box to the position you wish. When you have completed using this tool, tap the Edit button again at the top. The gray bars disappear

You will also notice that each level of the paragraph is color coded; the legend is at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the “Share” button: You may print or email your essay at any stage in the writing process

If you need to stop writing at any point, simply close the App and your essay will be saved

When you have completed revising your essay, tap next to go on to the edit stage. Please note that you cannot return to the revise stage once you tap Next, so save a copy as you wish

Edit Stage

In the Edit stage, you will be working on the finer details of your essay

The FAQ information that is available in previous stages is also available to you in the Edit stage Tapping the “Writing Tips” button will provide tips focused on the Edit stage of the writing process

You are able to share your essay in this stage of the writing process by printing or emailing

When you have finished editing your essay, tap next to go on to the Publish stage. Please note that you cannot return to the Edit stage once you tap Next, unless you save a copy

Publish Stage

This is the last stage of the writing process and your final opportunity to make changes to your essay

When you are ready to publish, tap the Publish button. You will see a green check appear. You will now have the option to email or print your essay

You will always have the option of sharing-republishing or fine tuning a published essay by tapping on your essay in the My Account screen

Printing CNotes

To print CNotes, tap the save button first,after your paper has been saved, you may print your CNotes by selecting Share and the Print option

Papers in progress

If you need to stop writing at any point during the writing process, your essay will be saved

In the “My Account” screen, your essay will show the current stage you are working on. Tap on the essay and you will be taken back to that point in the writing process where you left off.

If you would like to print FAQ for reference, open FAQ on the Accounts screen and tap on the Print button top left.For additional information, visit us

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